I have been coming to the Gym for over 3 years now. My main struggles have been with stamina and weight problems.

I followed the weightlifting programmes, and also did some freestyle, but I found none of them helpful in reaching my goals.

I started training with Paul about 2 months ago, on a 3 times / 1/2 hour class/week basis.

Paul`s training has been surprisingly refreshing yet very challenging.

Paul had setup a program for me, based on my personal schedule, abilities and goals and with each training we put it to a higher level to keep me challenged.

The training involves high speed incline running, different kind of burpees, medicine ball exercises, indoor cycling, weightlifting, body weight exercising and also boxing on fridays.

Paul is not only just commanding through the training but also gives advices on eating, right exercise posture and gives “cheering up” verbal support during challenging exercises.

He boosts the classes with his “you can do it” mentality, which already resulted in me losing body fat and massively boosted up stamina. I realised that the running exercises I was doing a few months ago, now feels as easy as normal speed walking.

My training is running out in a week time, but I am considering coming back later and I definitely would recommend Paul`s Personal Training to anyone, regardless of gender, age, stamina and health level.

Best Regards
Istvan Bazsinka
Senior CAD-Designer


I was getting bored with the same workouts in the gym so decided to sign up with a personal trainer. I wish I’d done so ages ago as working with Paul has made me far more motivated to achieve the results I want.

His workouts are always varied so I never get bored and my fitness and well-being have definitely improved since starting the sessions.

I had tedonitis on my knee so Paul adapted my workouts to help me strengthen my weaker muscles so that I would recover quickly.

Paul is very personable, professional and knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Carla Narth
MD, Crystal Creative


I met Paul Zahra at my gym, Energie, in Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon in April this year.

Paul has become my personal trainer and I have had about eleven sessions of one hour with him. I have been impressed by the sensitive way in which he has encouraged and challenged me, at the age of 73, to keep my body fit by using a variety of exercises. He makes me work hard but always with encouraging remarks.

He explains the purpose of each exercise and how it affects my body. His professionalism and his friendliness combine to make my time with him worthwhile and enjoyable.

I have no hesitation in commending him as a very good personal trainer.

Peter Adams
South Croydon


“I wanted to gain some weight. Paul was recommended to me. We discussed what I needed to do. Paul’s sessions are very enjoyable with various exercises using different equipment. I am happy with the results and I feel great! Thank you, Paul!”



Working with Paul is an enjoyable way of getting fit. I have lost weight, my body shape continues to change and I feel much fitter, and happier.

Paul takes you on a journey to fitness with care, expertise and experience. He motivates me to exercise in a way that I simply could not achieve myself. What is more, he is a thoroughly likeable person and a pleasure to work with.

I couldn’t recommend Paul more strongly to people who want to improve their fitness.

Piers Guilar
Dulwich, London


“Paul has helped me to prepare for three triathlons. I would recommend him to anyone as a personal trainer. He is an extremely skilled trainer who focuses on his clients’ goals, whilst employing a wide variety of methods and equipment to achieve them. The sessions are always varied and packed with new exciting challenges.

Paul also has an extensive knowledge of the muscle system, enabling him to also offer effective massage and stretching, coupled with advice on nutrition. All these areas of expertise have helped me work with Paul to lose fat; build strength; endurance and general fitness.”

Emily Fahey
Client, 2009 – 2011


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